Meet Our Staff

Katie Lloyd

Senior Pastor

Associate Pastor

Kevin Uyisenga
Sam Heath

Administrative Assistant

Director of Music (Swahili)

Francois Kashindi

Nursery Coordinator

Ingrid Peyton

Our staff is an awesome and diverse group of people who come from around the world to work together at Buechel. We bring diverse backgrounds, educations, and skills together to make a great team. 

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Director of Music (Spanish)

Dayron Reyes
Paul Robinson

Director of Music (English)

Youth Minister

Sheryl FarfanTello-Brinley

Associate Pastor

José González

Worship Coordinator

Brenda Harrison
Eunice Mukaz

Children's Worship Coordinator

Ann Mauermann

Missionary in Residence

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Office Hours:  M: 2- 6 PM, T & W:  10 am - 6 pm

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